Broscatu The Storyteller


Broscatu the Storyteller, 62 min

Production: Triba film 2011
A research supported by: Orma Sodalitas Anthropologica, Babes-Boliay University Cluj Napoca
Director, Image and Sound: Mihai Andrei Leaha
Editor: Andrei Crișan and Mihai Andrei
Scientific advisor: Bogdan Neagota

Synopsis: “Once upon a time there was a poor man…”A biographical anthropological video-documentary, which focuses on Ion Roman (Broscatu), a fifty-years old storyteller from Chelinţa, Maramureş. Broscatu is a broomstick maker, a family head, a sociable and religious person and an ex convict. The film explores the various types of stories that Broscatu tells to the author, his relationship with the filmmaker and also the meta-reflexive relation between Broscatu and his own film. The stories, move from fairytales towards intimate life stories confessions, to the storyteller’s opinion about the film, in which he just acted. The film tries to address a question: how can stories be meaningful for anthropological research and how can we explore a person throughout his relationship between camera, stories and film process?

Festivals and screenings:
Culese din Balkani, Romania 2016
NAFA (Nordic Anthropological Film Association Film Festival) 2012 Tromsoe
Ascona Workshop on Visual Anthropology 2011
Georg August University Goettingen 2011
ISPMN (Institute for Studying the problems of National Minorities) Center for Documentaries 2011

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