Looking at themselves: Babaluda Luda


Looking at themselves: Babaluda Luda 33 min

Production: Triba film 2011
A research supported by: Orma Sodalitas Anthropologica, Babes-Boliay University Cluj Napoca
Director, Image and Sound: Mihai Andrei Leaha
Editor: Andrei Crișan

Short Synopsis: The film describes the Feast of Saint George from Buru (Romania) called Babaluda. By recoding the shared visual ethnography that was arranged in a big group in a large screening room, but also in small groups in private houses, the Feast is explained from the reactions of the participants. The film will try to experiment the ways in which the visual ethnographic narrative is constructed by looking at, the looked at.

Prizes and festivals:
Best film made by an anthropologist: Etnofilm Rovinj Croația 2013
Best film at Goettingen International Ethnographic Film Festival, Germany 2012.
Eurorama 2013, Trento, Itally

Official Selection:
IFEF 2012 (international Festival of Ethnographic Film) Sofia, Bulgaria
EthnoFest 2012 Athens, Greece
AnthroFilmFestival 2012 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Antropofest 2013, Prague, Czech Republic
DEF 2013 (Days of Ethnographic Film) Ljubljana, Slovenia
Worldfilm Festival, Tartu Estonia 2013
Ethnocineca 2013 Vien Austria
Kaleidoskop Festival Koblenz Germany 2013
Anthro film Laboratory Osaka Japan 2014
Culese din Bakani 2015

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